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Why are adult smokers switching from smoking to IQOS?

In light of the teenage e-cigarette pandemic, the recent approval for the sale of the new tobacco product IQOS in the UAE has raised concerns about the possibility of another nicotine delivery mechanism entering the market there.

The leftover smoke from a cigarette is referred to as “tar.” Because IQOS warms nicotine instead of burning it, no tar is produced. It produces aerosol residue distinct from “Tar” and has much lower concentrations of dangerous compounds. * Complete switching to IQOS is less dangerous than continuing to use cigarettes.

IQOS doesn’t burn tobacco.

IQOS doesn’t create fire, ash, or smoke since it warms tobacco rather than burning it. It makes switching to IQOS preferable to continuing to smoke. Since they employ actual tobacco instead of the flavored e-liquid common of e-cigarettes, heat-not-burn products differ from e-cigarettes. The idea behind heat-not-burn is to provide consumers with a similar visual and tactile sensation to smoking a traditional cigarette without exposing them to smoke from burning tobacco.

Is IQOS safer than smoking cigarettes?

Because tobacco burns or combusts, producing more than 7,000 compounds in cigarette smoke, tobacco producers assert that heat-not-burn products are less dangerous than cigarettes.

When compared to cigarettes, IQOS emits fewer dangerous substances.

The burning of tobacco in cigarettes results in significant carbon monoxide production. Compared to cigarettes, IQOS produces 98% less monoxide (CO) on average and much less of other dangerous compounds because it doesn’t burn tobacco.

Switching from cigarettes to IQOS

IQOS is a wiser decision than continuing to smoke. IQOS produces 95% fewer dangerous chemical emissions than cigarettes*. IQOS has a milder aftertaste than cigarettes.

IQOS is a wiser decision than continuing to smoke. IQOS emits a lower level of odor than cigarettes. Thus it is less likely to annoy those around you. Compared to cigarettes, IQOS has a less aftertaste on hands, hair, and clothing.

It can obtain salt nicotine in pod kits for pleasurable use. It is easy to use and provides a satisfying vaping sensation. They have a higher ability to satiate appetites, so they are becoming increasingly well-liked. Moreover, it has a soothing effect on the throat and increases compulsivity in smokers.

Following are the most trendy iqos products from our online shop.


The so-called “IQOS 4” is a Philip Morris product named IQOS Iluma Prime used to heat tobacco. The unique TEREA IQOS dubai sticks, outstanding design, and state-of-the-art tobacco heating technology the new generation has brought to the renowned brand will impress any smoker. IQOS Iluma Prime demonstrated more effective induction heating on cigarette sticks in Dubai. In contrast to other heating methods, this one uses blades or rods and a chamber inside th apparatus to which the stick is attached. The company has already received a patent for its revolutionary “Dynamic Core Induction System.”

The most potent flavor of IQOS ILUMA was the rich-tasting TEREA iqos dubai Rich Regular. It is a common variety that blends the richness and perfume of premium tobacco leaves with a malt flavor.

These are your top choices for solutions. Its flavor is greater than other e-liquids because it is a new product. They are quick attacks created exclusively for less robust equipment.

It has less alkalinity and is easier for your lungs to absorb. Teenagers are searching for new technologies since they vape more regularly these days. The flavors must be exceptional for the vaping community to pay attention to. It makes it easier for smokers to stop because of how simple it is to consume. It can endure a heavy pull and has a longer shelf life.