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HEETS Sun Pearl Mix Berries Selection Kazakhstan Version

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Looking for IQOS HEETS Devices Dubai

If you are looking for variant designs of IQOS heets Dubai, we are here to guide you completely. HEETS Iqos Dubai is a tobacco stick made with special select tobacco. All heets sticks are the new trend in this industry as it heats tobacco in cigarettes without burning it. It gives the complete taste to you with less smell, ash and no smoke. It is the best option for all those health alternative smokers who want to smoke tobacco but in alternative ways. In this heating technology, mini tobacco sticks, called heets iqos dubai, don’t burn the tobacco but heat it. It heats tobacco to 350 degrees, reducing toxicity and harmful substances levels up to 90-95%. In contrast to traditional tobacco cigarettes where LIT tobacco is burned in Heets, IQOS vapours are produced, reducing smell and zero smoke. Due to this, heets sheets can be used indoors(where permitted).

Basic difference between IQOS HEETS and Tobacco Cigarettes:

In the last few years, billions of dollars have been spent on its research and investment as it is the most effective alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Around 2.9 million tobacco cigarette consumers have already switched to IQOS heets Dubai. Heets are specially designed tobacco sticks which are inserted into IQOS holders and are further designed into a heating blade, which consists of gold and platinum coated in ceramic. The speciality of IQOS heets is its unique electronics control, where it heats tobacco rather than burning it. This reduces the smell and causes no smoke, as IQOS creates tobacco vapour. IQOS vapour disappears much more than cigarette smoke, as many international air quality tests are conducted to determine IQOS heat’s environmental impact. It is proven that it is safer to use outdoors and indoors.

Another benefit of using IQOS is its less smell. After using it, you may feel less odour on your clothes, hair and hands.

Besides its less smell and no smoke, it also offers a pleasant smell while smoking from IQOS devices. Another reason for its popularity is its elegant designs, as it comes in sleek variant designs, which attract several customers. It is very easy to carry and clean as well. It is perfect to handle and consume.

It comes with many nutshells and labels. IQOS is the revolutionary technology of this era, where heating is the main function of smoking. Which results in less smoke, no ash and less smell eventually. Today many tobacco smokers quit and started vaping, which is the closest recommendation. But today, many tobacco smokers are now shifted to IQOS heets.

Some top IQOS HEETS STICKS variety:

1. IQOS HEETS AMBER is a balanced and roasted tobacco-flavoured mixture. Which gives a rich taste of tobacco, or you can say it has a rough marlboro red flavour.

2. HEETS YELLOW: it is a light taste of tobacco, which is a mixture of refined tobacco.

3. HEETS TURQUOISE:The best combination of tobacco and menthol. Consumers enjoy its cool taste.

4. HEETS BRONZE sticks: it is the most classy one, as it gives you a rich cigar flavour.

5. HEETS PURPLE WAVE is a mixture of many flavours, including blueberry flavour and wild herbs with highlights of menthol (UKR, RU).

6. HEETS SILVER SELECTION –it is the finest taste of heets sticks and comes in silver.

For further information, visit our online store where you will find a variety of IQOS HEETS DUBAI flavours, kits and many other accessories.